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  1. A Family AffairRex Stout
  2. A Finer EndDeborah Crombie
  3. And Four to Go: Christmas Party. Easter Parade. Fourth of July Picnic. Murder Is No JokeRex Stout
  4. And Justice There Is NoneDeborah Crombie
  5. Archie Meets Nero WolfeRobert Goldsborough
  6. Before MidnightRex Stout
  7. Blind AlleyIris Johansen
  8. Blood GameIris Johansen
  9. Body of LiesIris Johansen
  10. Bones In Her PocketKathy Reichs
  11. Bones Never LieKathy Reichs
  12. Bones of the LostKathy Reichs
  13. Bones on IceKathy Reichs
  14. BonnieIris Johansen
  15. By the Time You Read ThisGiles Blunt
  16. Chain of EvidenceGarry Disher
  17. Chasing the NightIris Johansen
  18. ConversionKatherine Howe
  19. CountdownIris Johansen
  20. Curtains For Three: The Gun With Wings. Bullet For One. Disguise For MurderRex Stout
  21. Dead RunP.J. Tracy
  22. Death angelsÄke Edwardson
  23. Death on DeadlineRobert Goldsborough
  24. Death Times ThreeRex Stout
  25. Dreaming of the BonesDeborah Crombie
  26. Eight Days to LiveIris Johansen
  27. EveIris Johansen
  28. Flash and BonesKathy Reichs
  29. Fleeced : A Regan Reilly MysteryCarol Higgins Clark
  30. Garden of LamentationsDeborah Crombie
  31. Haunted GroundErin M. Hart
  32. Helsinki WhiteJames Thompson
  33. Her Name, TitanicCharles Pellegrino
  34. If Death Ever SleptRex Stout
  35. Into the Black NowhereMeg Gardiner
  36. Jinxed : A Regan Reilly MysteryCarol Higgins Clark
  37. Kissed a sad goodbyeDeborah Crombie
  38. Laced: A Regan Reilly MysteryCarol Higgins Clark
  39. Last RitualsYrsa Sigurdardottir
  40. Miracle on the Hudson: The Survivors of Flight 1549 Tell Their Extraordinary Stories of Courage, Faith, and DeterminationLaura Parker, William Prochnau
  41. Murder in E MinorRobert Goldsborough
  42. Necessary As BloodDeborah Crombie
  43. No Rest for the DeadVarios autores
  44. Now May You WeepDeborah Crombie
  45. Off the GridP.J. Tracy
  46. Pieces of HerKarin Slaughter
  47. Pretty GirlsKarin Slaughter
  48. QuicksandIris Johansen
  49. QuinnIris Johansen
  50. Room No. 10Äke Edwardson